No middlemen. It bears repeating.

I abhor middlemen. Whenever possible I strip away the layers of bureaucracy. I do the things I say I do, and don’t hire others to do it for me unless I know they can do it better than I can. And if I can’t do something, I’ll connect you with someone who can.

What they did.

This is especially true for my web clients, most whom come to me with sites custom-coded by a web developer 10 years ago, hosted on a cut-rate server out-of-country, with a domain name registered abroad with another discount service provider.

While piecemeal-ing web hosting in this fashion used to be a way to cut website operating costs for these “web master” outfits, often these service providers are charging much more today than the leading domestic bundled service provider. When those 10 and 20-year old intermediaries go out of business, it’s important to know who has the login details, and how to transfer ownership when the time comes. The worst case scenario for a client is when their designer or web guy says they’re leaving the business and have 30 days to transfer their domain and content.

What I do.

I get your domain registration and hosting account under one roof, build-out a site from scratch or with your existing content, and then train you or your organisation how to edit your own content, as well as manage and update your website.

I streamline your recurring billing process and make sure that you’re using a content management platform that you can understand, and can be picked up by any other designer down the road. You own all the work I perform on your behalf. Nothing is proprietary or so custom that another can’t work with the site.

Once your site is up and running, I’m available for periodic check-ins, updates, or redesigns. If something goes wrong, I can fix it.

For web work, empowering clients to own their content is one part creative expression and another part a technological framework.

You can outsource tech, though only you can truly offer the world your vision. Facilitating that process is the goal.

There are content management systems out there that are worth their weight in gold when you can get your ideas out there without being chained to a back-end developer.

Contact me for:

  • WordPress sites for personal use
  • Small business/practice/organization sites
  • Small web stores
  • Amazon, eBay, etsy retail setup & tutorial
  • Social media setup & tutorial
  • Projects or tasks on a short-term basis
  • Livestreaming – YouTube channels, paid access to live links and downloadable content

Can make referrals for:

  • Custom-coded web development
  • Large corporate or institutional sites
  • Secured or encrypted content management
  • Social media content generation/management