Chase was extremely flexible as he knew we had a hard deadline to meet. Extremely fast turnaround.

Steve Bossen- CIX- Computer Integrated Experts
New York/New Jersey, US
services rendered: advertisement design; embroidered shirt pricing and logo conversion

Chase was on time, prepared and listened. He had great ideas and provided wonderful suggestions.
Chase made the entire process painless. I wish he could design my house. He found a green company to print my materials and I loved that.

Mary Haroun – private practice therapist
New Jersey, US
services rendered: business card design, web consult

Chase was a joy to work with! Positive! Delightful! Energetic! Motivated and Motivating!
I was looking for someone like myself who was passionate about making their own dreams, as well as helping others dreams, come true.

I had just moved to a new area where I knew next to no one. I felt overwhelmed by the degree of writing and related art work I had which needed to be organized and summarized for my business to be a success.

I bumped into Chase and we developed a moving dialogue during which he offered me creative and practical solutions to my start-up business. He provided me with references and referrals, all of which supported me in the direction I was already on.

Sandy Kronemyer- SpiritVentures
New Jersey, US
services rendered: business planning & strategy, market researchfile formattingmanuscript editing

Chase has been an invaluable resource for me.  He is a tech wizard who has not only helped me develop my website but has provided the means for me to learn how to handle those complexities myself.  Additionally, he has a great sense of what may be helpful to my career and his suggestions, such as selling original music on my site and creating a business Facebook page, have generated traffic and income for which I am extremely grateful.  

Robin Seletsky – professional musician
New York, US
services rendered: website troubleshooting & updating, social media tutorials