If not now, when?

Since 2009 chase|now has helped individuals, artists, and musicians curate the content they need to show the world their world.

I collaborate with small and large businesses, domestically and internationally, to provide unique solutions to challenges in web content design, social media management, business planning and strategy.

Primarily my clients are at a stage of development where there are roadblocks between ideation and implementation, from inception to succession. It may be technological, usually a lack of understanding or awareness of new tools readily-available.

Sometimes it’s organisational, where startup growing pains or transition requires outside brainstorming. Or it may be frustration stemming from challenges outside the client’s field of interest, when delegating tasks is more efficient and effective than tackling it internally, on one’s own.

Chase is a changemaker. Cutting through confusion and delivering alternatives is the business.


No middlemen.

I abhor middlemen. Whenever possible I strip away the layers of bureaucracy. I do the things I say I do, and don’t hire others to do it for me unless I know they can do it better than I can. And if I can’t do something, I’ll connect you with someone who can.

Ship frequently.

Perfection is an enemy of productivity. Especially with design and web work. For most situations having a product or service publicly available in a functional format is going to be better than waiting on perfection. I believe that rapid prototyping can suss out early pitfalls and that by using an iterative design process, perfection happens over time.

Do as much as possible, with as little as possible.

Thrift. Frugality. Never cheap, just effective. Whether cash-flush or operating in a financially-strained environment I believe a light-weight, nimble service has greater value than cluttered and elaborate undertakings. There are times when open-source, creative-commons resources are suitable. And there are other times when licensed content or premium services are required. You tell me what you want, I’ll give you what you need.


My vision is triple-bottom-line sustainability. Therefore I decline client projects that fail to prioritise or actively operate against the environment or social prosperity. I spend my working time on projects that advance environmental or social causes, or minimally, are innocuous. Many of my clients are artists, musicians, and community builders. Together we can make the world a better place for all.