I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

- John Burroughs


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ABOUT chase|now

If not now then when?

Since 2009 chase|now has helped individuals, artists, and musicians curate the content they need to show the world their world. Chase has helped small and large businesses, domestically and internationally, by providing unique solutions to challenges in web content design and strategy development. 

What Our Clients Say

Our work has been focused around people and organizations that have great ideas for designs, goals, and visions yet often struggle with development and implementation. Strategy and procedure can be enhanced with the lens of perspective. We have answers, and when we don’t, we connect you with people who do.

Here’s a couple words from our clients.

“Extremely fast turnaround. Chase was extremely flexible on the timeline as he knew we had a hard deadline to meet.”

Steve Bossen

“Chase was on time, prepared and listened. He had great ideas and provided wonderful suggestions. He made the entire process painless.”

Mary Haroun
M&H Haroun

“Chase was a joy to work with! Positive! Delightful! Energetic! Motivated and Motivating! He provided me with references and referrals, all of which supported me
in the direction I was already on. He offered me creative and practical solutions to my start-up business.”

Sandy Kronemyer

“Invaluable resource. Chase helped me develop my website and has provided the means for me to learn how to handle those complexities myself. He has a great sense of what may be helpful to my career and his suggestions have generated traffic and income for which I am extremely grateful. “

Robin Seletsky